Mrs. Christa Noer

  Welcome to Grade 4 !   

On our classroom website you will find important dates, daily assignments and routines that we follow in our class.


Library: Friday

PE: Monday (with Mrs. Cavanagh)  Wednesday  (with Mr. Hagkull)

Music: Thursday (Mrs. LaRoy)

At Home:

READ! READ! READ! Students should be reading 20 minutes a night either by themselves or out loud to a sibling or parent.

During each term students must read and complete both an oral book talk with me as well as a written one. Once students have completed their book talks they will be entered into a draw for a $10 gift card to Chapters book store. There will be 2 draws each term for a total of 6 within the year!

Scholastic Class Code is: RC156670

EXTRA MATH PRACTICE: Please practice basic Math facts including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.




If you ever have any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to drop by the classroom (after school works best) or e-mail me at


Daily Assignments:



Read! Read! Read!

Practice multiplication facts

Practice your weekly Spelling Words



























Information & Announcements

Parking at Sardis

The attached information was requested by parents to clarify the NO STOPPING zones in our school parking lot.

We also have many signs, pylons and painted areas to help identify these zones.

The NO STOPPING zones along the street are clearly marked, and are there for everyone's safety.

Thank you for your cooperation and for driving carefully in and around our schools.