Mrs. Mulder

Welcome to Grade 4!

Please contact me by email any time you have a question or concern ( or stop by the portable after school!

Weekly events:

Mondays:  Assemblies (check school schedule)

Tuesdays:  Computers; PE

Wednesdays:  Computers; Mrs. McMaster (Music/Healthy Living)

​Thursdays:  PE

Fridays:  Mrs. McMaster (Music/Healthy Living); Library book exchange


Homework Expectations:

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."--Robert Collier

Small daily efforts at working and studying at home will have a huge payoff by the end of the school year! Instead of asking whether or not a student has homework, encourage your child to spend 40 - 60 minutes daily on the following:

1. Read for at least 20-30 minutes daily.  This could include reading to yourself, reading out loud to someone, listening to someone read, or working on raz-kids.  Be adventuresome!  Read a good book, a graphic novel, the newspaper, a magazine, or a great poem!

2. Review and practice basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication) and/or practice the math concept covered in class each day.

3.  Finish incomplete work:  if you have an unfinished assignment, please do this first, then spend time on other home study activities if you still have time!

Please check back regularly for updates and information!

Information & Announcements

Parking at Sardis

The attached information was requested by parents to clarify the NO STOPPING zones in our school parking lot.

We also have many signs, pylons and painted areas to help identify these zones.

The NO STOPPING zones along the street are clearly marked, and are there for everyone's safety.

Thank you for your cooperation and for driving carefully in and around our schools.